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 Marc Beffa

Movies: 1
Sensitive scenes: 4

La fonte des neiges (2009) RFF

Leo (Marc Beffa, 12) and Antoinette play a game of "what is this?", where Antoinette blindfolds Leo, brings his hand to her breast and has him guess what he's touching.

Tags:  seduction
Time: 0:11:52-0:13:14
La fonte des neiges (2009) RFF

Leo and Antoinette seen sitting next to each other under a tree, sharing a few kisses.

Tags:  kissing
Time: 0:14:53-0:15:15
La fonte des neiges (2009) RFF

Leo finally gets the courage to strip down naked (boy wears skin-coloured cloth by director's words but this fact remains unconfirmed).

Tags:  naturism,  running
Time: 0:17:13-0:17:51
La fonte des neiges (2009) RFF

Leo, sleeping next to his naked mother in a tent, wakes up where she's apparently having a 'wet dream' and starts talking in her sleep. He briefly touches her exposed breasts but stops when she stirs.

Tags:  peeping
Time: 0:20:23-0:20:46

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