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Statistics regarding directors and their movies has been added.

January, 12

Illegal content

It comes to our attention, that some movies/broadcasts have scenes with real uncensored child abuse or children engaging in real sexual activity. Such scenes will be marked as illegal by us.

2021 September, 9

Advanced search

Now all scenes can be sorted by the number of the participants.

2021 September, 7


New section with some analytics has been added.

2021 February, 8

Tag "fountain"

New scene tag fountain added.

2021 January, 14

Tasg "beach" and "pool"

Two more tags beach and pool added.

2021 January, 12

Tag "sauna"

Tag sauna added.

2021 January, 11

New tag

New tag exercise added.

2021 January, 6

Two lists

Now we have the list of unrated scenes and the list of updated scenes (scenes with rating and tags).

2021 January, 5

Our progress

6911 of 7262 movie scenes have been successfully updated with new tags (95.17%)

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Information taken from web sites:
Children in cinema
Youth in cinema
Children in media

We also thank all users who send us contributions!