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New section with some analytics has been added.


Tag "fountain"

New scene tag fountain added.


Tasg "beach" and "pool"

Two more tags beach and pool added.


Tag "sauna"

Tag sauna added.


New tag

New tag exercise added.


Two lists

Now we have the list of unrated scenes and the list of updated scenes (scenes with rating and tags).


Tag singing

We have added one more scene tag singing.


New tags

Tag skinny-dipping has been replaced by the swimming tag as the latter has a broader meaning and is suitable for much more scenes.
We have added also the new tag washing for scenes where a person washing his/her face (hands, legs, etc.).



Our site has collected content originally named as controversial scenes on the Rarefilmfinder site. Now each scene from the movie will be considered by us separately. Depending on the tags associated with the scene, as well as the degree of nudity of the underage actors involved in those scenes, each scene gets a rating from 1 to 5. Not yet rated scene has grey color.
We'll also add the start and end times of the scene in the movie. The scene rating process is very lengthy and can take many months. On the right, you can track our progress.
Our site does not require authorization, but if you want to help us with updating the information, you need to register.


Our progress

5089 of 6465 movie scenes have been successfully updated with new tags (78.72%)

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