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Behind the scenes (206)

Year: 2021
Asked about the scene most difficult to play, Anna Agio said, "There was that picture. That picture I send to the guy, in which you can actually see only my naked back. But in front of the crew I felt exposed, and it was a delicate moment. Fortunately, as I said, I found a lot of delicacy, a lot of tact in the people I worked with."
Le coeur noir des forêts
Year: 2021
To play a pregnant girl, 16-year-old Elsa Houben had to use a prosthesis. "We used old-fashioned special effects. We used foam and a prosthesis when we saw my naked belly on the screen. It took just over 5 hours of posing and weighed 3kg, so I adopted the position of a pregnant woman quite naturally," Houben explained.
Du som er i himlen
Year: 2021
The scene where i was in nude front of mirror and the entire crew aswell, was actually the very shot on the very first day of the production. It was actually pretty cool to try, cause it's apart the industry with scenes like that. I was pretty comfortable with the director Tea Lindeburg so it wasn't uncomfortable at all. It was actually way harder for me a normal scene for me where i had to cry alot cause there was more emotions to deal with.
O Último Banho
Year: 2020
Asked about the scene where 14-year-old Martim Canavarro is seen completely naked in the bath being scrubbed by Anabela Moreira, director David Bonneville said: "I was worried about it because it was very important for the film to have this visual side of nudity, since it is something that is intrinsically linked to the story. Fortunately Martim accepted, with lightness, to do it. Some limits were set, but in the end Martim himself told me to enjoy the best scenes, regardless of whether there was more explicit exposure."
La déesse des mouches à feu
Year: 2020
Kelly Depeault was 17-years-old at the time of filming this movie, where she has some nude and explicit sex scenes. While director Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette admits that the shooting went smoothly, she also admits to having worked a lot with the actors during the sex scenes, the most delicate to stage, according to her. "That said, we really took care of it," she says. So in the end, it wasn't the scenes that were difficult. Dizzying and vulnerable, yes, but we had choreographed everything, down to the gesture. Nothing had been left to chance. We had a lot of hours of rehearsals for each of these scenes."
La innocència
Year: 2019
Interview to director Lucía Alemany:
"One of the requirements that I wanted from Lis was that she have big tits," she tells us about the main character. "Because there is something there, in that «two days ago I was a girl, and right now I have something that is sexually super attractive»". It was also important for the director to show the girls in their underwear: "It is really very common when you are getting ready to go out, at your house with your friends, you go with those underwear. But I did not want it to have a sexualized look, because you are seeing a girl. But at the same time they are sexual objects."


Director Lucía Alemany revealed that Carmen Arrufat lied about her age being 16 while she was still 15 in order to get the role. "When she went to sign the shooting contract, we realized that she was 15 years old and not 16, which was what we demanded as a condition, she had lied to us. So, a week or two before shooting, we had to ask the court for permission for minors to authorize her to be the protagonist of the film. And we had no plan B. Luckily, it was approved and we all started shooting," Alemany said.
Le cas Perrot
Year: 2019
Alexis Nativel revealed that the scene in the auditorium (where he's completely naked in front of a lot of people) was shot at the very end of their shoot week, so he had time to get used to the crew, the people, the atmosphere. "I was mentally ready, once I'm in the moment, I tell myself that I can't go back anyway. But I remember that at the beginning we shot this scene in shorts so that people could adapt a little bit and I tried to make the gallery laugh to relax everyone and put everyone at ease and gradually everyone was quiet," he recalled.


"We had a lot of trouble finding a school that would accept to have a naked minor in their establishment," director Rony Tanios said. "It was very complicated, we had many refusals. We also had to find people who were open to the idea of the film, because otherwise, when they find out what's going on, they can immediately ask to stop the shooting, but in the end we managed."
Year: 2018
Netflix is usually known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to nudity, but they were initially leery of a full frontal nude scene featuring then 15-year-old actor Victor Polster. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Girl's director Lukas Dhont was upset when he learned that Netflix wanted to cut the scene from the film. However, after some conversations with Netflix, the scene was left back in. As Dhont told the press: "The version of Girl that will be shows on Netflix will be the same version which premiered in Cannes, and in theaters in Belgium and in other parts of the world." That raised major concerns with many about whether or not it's appropriate for an underage actor's fully nude body to be shown in a film, regardless of the reason, especially when the character is involved in sexual situations, because it may promote child pornography.
The Third Wife
Year: 2018
Due to her young age, Nguyen Phuong Tra My had little prior acting experiences and did not have a boyfriend in real life. It was therefore extremely challenging for her to perform alongside adult male actors in bed scenes, and to play out the protagonist's experiences of losing her virginity as well as give childbirth, which are far beyond her years. She said in an interview, "I was only 12 then, and had never been in a relationship, so it was really difficult for me. I practiced many times with the other actor Ah Xiong. With the director's continuous guidance, I felt that I got more and more natural with each try. While the mood appears very tense onscreen, everyone on set were actually giving me a lot of encouragement and it was really heartwarming."
Year: 2017
Although the role of Ava is 13, actress Noée Abita was 17 at the time. She was selected by Léa Mysius because her real age and young physical appearance were assets for the nude scenes, meaning she looked 13 physically but she was legally of age to perform nude. Abita initially refused to take her clothes off for the film, but the director finally convinced her to do it and she ended up shooting several scenes topless and fully nude. "I am not very modest by nature and I am almost more comfortable naked. At the beginning when I met Léa and I read the script, I told her that I would never shoot naked because it is not in my education, but as we worked together, I realized that I had no problem showing my breasts, being totally naked... Well, the scene where I bathe naked for example was shot almost at the end of the shooting, where it was still easier."

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