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Behind the scenes (75)

La innocència
Year: 2019
Interview to director Lucía Alemany:
"One of the requirements that I wanted from Lis was that she have big tits," she tells us about the main character. "Because there is something there, in that «two days ago I was a girl, and right now I have something that is sexually super attractive»". It was also important for the director to show the girls in their underwear: "It is really very common when you are getting ready to go out, at your house with your friends, you go with those underwear. But I did not want it to have a sexualized look, because you are seeing a girl. But at the same time they are sexual objects."
Il ragazzo invisibile
Year: 2014
Is there any scene from the film that you liked the most?
"The funniest scene, in my opinion, is that of the girls' locker room, in this scene we all had a bit of fun."
On the screen we see you naked, but isn't it?
"No, I was practically always in my underwear, and then they made me naked by computer."

Ilo Ilo
Year: 2013
Koh Jia Ler, the first-time child actor in the award-winning local film Ilo Ilo, was caned for real several times in two takes while shooting a scene.
It is a literal example of how director Anthony Chen cracks the whip to achieve his vision.
Says Jia Ler, 12, whose mother was fine with the caning since she used to cane him when he was younger: "Anthony talked to me about it and I was fine with it. It was painful, but it's okay, because I know he wants everything as real as possible. The caning is just a small thing to me.
Un amour de jeunesse
Year: 2011
You chose Lola Créton as the actress to represent yourself. Tell me about her – this film could make the next French star.
She was 16 when we began shooting, and I wanted to do something unusual. I'm always annoyed when films have actresses who are 27 playing teenagers. It always breaks the spell for me. So I wanted a real teenager here, even though this film does then span another 10 years. I thought it'd be a nice change to see someone playing older, even if they did look a bit young in the later stages. But Lola is so delicate and shy.
Like all French actresses, she seems very happy to get her clothes off.
Aha. You English always love that. I can say that for her it was actually a big deal. But what's amazing is that, when the cameras rolled, she was free and sensuous like a cat. It was as if she was discovering her own sexuality before our eyes, but, as soon as the filming stopped, she'd retreat behind sheets, clothes immediately.
She has a little craziness about her, like a young Adjani, but she's so shy with press, with me, with her mum. She's not at ease with words. I think she truly can only express herself through acting. It's her vocation.
Year: 2011
It should be noted that with her chief operator, the director opted for long shots so as not to frustrate children in their game: few shots, but very long. The camera object had to be forgotten, the director was always at their side, spoke to them during the catch, entered the frame.
The scene, so delicate, of the nakedness of Laure and the revelation resulting from it, has been conscientiously put in place by Céline Sciamma. This scene is fundamental and Zoé Héran, from the script, knew he would have to turn naked. Her parents were present at the time of filming and this intense moment could only exist in the image if they gave their Agreement in view of the filmed sequence.
Year: 2010
Abbey Hoes thinks afterwards that she could not have done some nude scenes she had done in the past. "I've been on since I was fourteen because of my role in the film Tirza."
The 21-year-old actress talks with Grazia that there are people who think that "it should be" when you are an actress. "But I do not think that being a dirty porn site is part of the job, if I wanted to, I would have become a porn actress."
"I do not act so that a boy can rely on me," says Hoes.
Cover often finds it unnecessary that a woman is completely naked in sex scenes. "I only agree with nude if it is artificially justifiable, but in the past I have done nude scenes that I now think: I should not have done that better."
My Queen Karo
Year: 2009
How did you come to find such a perfect actress (Anna Franziska Jaeger) to play Karo, who really is the centre of the film?
Dorothée Van Den Berghe : It's a long story! I saw her in a shop and I knew it was her, she was exactly what I wanted. I really followed this girl, and (kept tabs on her). The film took two years to put together, and by that time, she was too old for the part as I had written. She had breasts already, and the part I had written was definitely for a child who was younger than that. So.. I held auditions and auditions, but I never found that quality, what I found in her. I rewrote the script, then, and we had to rethink how to shoot the nudity, for example, because of her breasts. But I think it puts the film into a better perspective, a child that age.
Ostorozhno, deti!
Year: 2009
Aleksandr Siguev, interviewed about the bathhouse scene:
-In the movie "Ostorozhno, deti!" you were in the scene in the bathhouse, where you and Vsevolod Nikolaev had to walk naked on the set-scene - from morning till night. Furthermore, the film crew is such a small crowd of different people, and all this is filmed on a movie camera.
Were not you ashamed to walk naked? Or on the contrary - you were very happy and "cool" (funny) to stay in such an unusual situation?
-I did my job. As soon as we emerged, we were immediately wrapped in towels. We have no time to realize if we're having "fun"! 5 night shifts in a row is not a joke, believe me!
La rabia
Year: 2008
Interview with director Albertina Carri:
-Did you think that the scenes of the naked girl could be controversial in this climate of paranoia with the boys' bodies?
-Yes, and I think they are scenes so strong that they are not even mentioned. In fact when we filmed them with Sol (Lopatín), the director of photography, we asked ourselves what to do with the material. I was a bit afraid of them, especially to explain to parents. But in that sense it was not so complicated. They are scenes that also have something annoying, that feel like unnecessary.
Roméo et Juliette
Year: 2006
Thomas, whose friends had come to the premiere of the film, was a little afraid of the reactions. "It was less bad than I thought because I had prepared them," says Thomas.
The two youngsters are surprisingly comfortable with their bodies, far from the clichés of teens in crisis. They fully assume the love scenes, even in front of their family and friends.
"If my grandparents saw the scene and said it was ok, then everyone will find it right!" Laughs Thomas.
However, it is clear from the hearing that the two teenagers, then aged 14 and 16, were neophyths in the matter. "They did not know how to kiss, it was an initiation for them," says Yves Desgagnés.
The latter himself gave a lesson to kiss the two actors, taking an assistant as teacher. He marked Charlotte's face with small "x's", the precise points where Thomas had to put his lips.
In short, a surgical precision that served both young actors well. "They became adults at the same time as they became actors," says Yves Desgagnés.
In one of the scenes, Romeo and Juliet are naked standing on the edge of a lake.
"It was the most beautiful scene to do, it was hot, the water was good, there was no discomfort," recalls Thomas.
"At first we hid with our hands, but then we were made to water," adds Charlotte. "We even had to put on patches and a thong," says Thomas.
"There is so much to think, there were cones in the water to know where to place, so we do not have time to think about looking at each other," says the comedian.
Crazy love at age 15, do they believe it? More pragmatic than idealistic, Thomas "thinks it's hard to fall into such an intense story at that age.
The older you get, the more you know yourself, so the more you will have affinities with people who are like you. It's rare couples who met at age 14 and are still together at age 40, "he says.
More romantic and realistic, Charlotte does not "know what great love is yet, but it can happen at any age," she says.
"But I find the film very realistic in what we can feel when we meet someone for the first time, the fear of seeing, run away, love without knowing why," concludes the young actress.
And after 60 days of filming, did the two teenagers fall in love? "No!" They answer in unison. And they are not single either ...

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