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Unrated scenes

Ein Schnitt für Mohammed - Unterwegs mit dem Beschneider (2002) RFF

Ritual circumcision of turkish boys (about 8-10 years old) in Germany is shown: Rear nudity of a boy putting on his dress, frontal nudity of him and a few other boys during or after the surgery (which is performed at home at the presence of the whole family).
The Crucible (1996) RFF

During a trial one of the girls pointed a ceiling and started to scream that she was seeing a devil. Girls accused of practising black magic started to act hysterical. Then the camera shown a shot of the whole court-room from the top, exactly from the place where the devil supposed to be according to the girl.
Lolita (1997) RFF

As Dominique Swain was a minor at age 15 when the movie was filmed, an adult body double had to be used for most of the sex scenes.
Loose Shoes (1978) RFF

3 boys in shower seen thru glass door.
Une femme neuve (2000) RFF

Bathtub scene with Marine Helie (12).
Gülibik (1984) RFF

Harun Yesilyurt's (10) frontal nudity in a bathing scene.
Denkste! Das Baby meines Bruders (1988) RFF

Anna Momber (12) shown once in a bathtub. Another scene is when she takes off her t-shirt.
Shao Lin xiao zi (1994) RFF

Nude boy comes beside a water.
Kozure Ôkami: Sanzu no kawa no ubaguruma (1972) RFF

A policeman strips the boy (Akihiro Tomikawa, 4) for a public flogging.

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