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Unrated scenes

Furusato gaeri (2011) 

added: 2020 November, 22
Finding the Way Home (2019) 

About 22 minutes in the documentary social workers are giving Isus a bath; full frontal.
added: 2020 September, 18
Sonnentage (1974) 

A boy and a girl (about 6 y.o.) walk around and stop at a riverbank to urinate. Rear nudity of the girl.
added: 2020 September, 7
Mensch ärgere dich nicht (1975) 

Girl pulls little brother's pyjama pants down, brief rear nudity.
added: 2020 September, 7
The Man Who Won (1923) 

added: 2020 August, 2
Ydessa, les ours et etc. (2004) 

A boy (5) sits on a beach full frontal, in about 23 minutes into the film. Unverified.
added: 2020 July, 3
Bolas Criollas (2018) 

Two boys later at a bus stop, one of them cycling back and forth.
added: 2020 May, 18
Bolas Criollas (2018) 

A nude boy on a beach.
added: 2020 May, 18
Koi kizuna no sato (2012) 

added: 2020 March, 21
Hyoheki (1958) 

While there is a younger boy nude playing in the sand, there are at least 5 older boys (5?) in the background playing in the water on the beach.
added: 2019 December, 21

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