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Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma (1975)


Sensitive scenes
117 minutes

Around 40 boys are lined up to be chosen as victims. Among them are Claudio Cicchetti (16), Sergio Fascetti (16), and Franco Merli (18). Sergio and Franco are ordered to strip by the dignitaries. They pull down their trousers and underwear, and lift up their shirts, and are shown frontally naked from their chests to their thighs in a panning shot that mirrors the gaze of the adults.

Tags:  undressing,  forcing
 boys (40), age: from 15 to 17 years old

Time: 0:09:23-0:11:47
Sergio (Sergio Fascetti, 16) and female victim Renata are taken to have their sexual maturity tested. Both are naked. Sergio is masturbated by a guard (not shown) while the dignitaries watch on. When he ejaculates the guard shows this and it is ruled he can marry Renata.

Tags:  abuse,  petting,  forcing
Time: 0:40:17-0:41:36
View is distant
Sergio and Renata’s wedding. They are fully clothed but all the other victims present are naked. As the victims stand in line the Duke moves thorugh them groping several of them, including Antinisca Nemour (17) who he kisses and grabs her pubic hair and breast, Lamberto Book (15) and Umberto Chessari (17) who he kisses and Rino (Gaspare di Jenno, 17) who he kisses on the lips twice.

Tags:  abuse,  kissing,  forcing
Time: 0:41:39-0:44:52
Sergio (Sergio Fascetti, 16) and Renata are stripped naked and touched by the dignitaries. They are then forced to have sex in front of them. They sit next to each other and nervously begin caressing then kissing each other. Just as Sergio is climbing on top of Renata they are ordered to stop. The Duke grabs Renata and the President grabs Sergio, who has become aroused. The adults roll the victims off each other and masturbate them and perform oral sex on them (neither shown).

Tags:  making out,  abuse,  kissing,  forcing,  undressing
Time: 0:44:52-0:47:23
The victims are treated like dogs. Naked, on all-fours and on leads attached to their necks, they are walked up stairs into a hall. The dignitaries throw them food, which they jump up and catch in their mouths. Lamberto refuses to eat like a dog and is whipped by His excellency. He tries to flee but is whipped unconscious. Some of the food is laced with nails, making their mouths bleed.

Tags:  cruelty,  abuse,  punishment,  forcing,  walking
Time: 0:51:43-0:54:23
The victims all sit naked listening to a recital. The Duke kisses Rino (Gaspare di Jenno, 17).

Tags:   forcing,  kissing
Time: 0:54:23-0:57:14
The victims sit around the hall in their underwear or see-trough dresses. His excellency fondles Antinisca’s breast under her clothes. The Duke defacates on the floor as they watch then victim Renata is forced to eat it.

Tags:   cruelty,   abuse,  forcing,  transparent clothing
Time: 0:58:34-1:09:02
Girls are lined up for inspection of bowls. Antiniska is naked.

Tags:  walking
Time: 1:10:17-1:10:33
The boys have their chamber pots inspected in their dormitory. Rino is lying on his bed naked. The President demands Carlo’s ass be examined, so summons Rino’s help. He walks over, forces Carlo to bend over and pulls down the boy’s shorts for the President. He then pulls them back up when the examination is over.

Tags:  defecation,  forcing,  undressing
Time: 1:11:45-1:13:08
The victims all attend a banquet where the only food is feces, which they are forced to eat.

Tags:   cruelty,   punishment,   forcing
Time: 1:13:09-1:15:44
The victims are crouched on the floor of a large hall. Their heads are on the floor under white towels so their identities are disguised. Their asses are pointing into the air so they can be inspected by the fascists. The fascists walk up and down the line, peering at the backsides, sometimes shining a torch into them for a better view. Franco is chosen as the winner and is told his prize his being killed. A gun is put to his temple and the trigger pulled but it is a joke.

Tags:   cruelty,  punishment,   forcing
 Lamberto Book, age: 15 years old. Nudity:  full rear
 Sergio Fascetti, age: 16 years old. Nudity:  full rear
 Antonio Orlando, age: 15 years old. Nudity:  full rear

Time: 1:22:49-1:26:28
Two girls are naked in bed, passionately kissing. They are caught and threatened with a gun.

Tags:  making out,  punishment,  petting,  kissing
Time: 1:38:48-1:39:22
The victims who will be put to death are tied up in the bathroom.

Tags:   cruelty,   punishment
Time: 1:46:06-1:46:46
The victims are tortured and killed in a courtyard as the fascists take turns to watch from a window.

Tags:  abuse,  cruelty,  masturbation,  punishment
Time: 1:47:36-1:55:18

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