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Kapgang (2014)


Villas Bøye and Frederik Winther Rasmussen on couch fully clothed, massaging each other's genitals.

Tags:  petting
Time: 0:18:50-0:19:20
Showers scene with boys.

Tags:  showering
 boy, age: 15 years old.

Time: 0:43:07-0:43:19
Boys watching dirty magazines. "Jan", after masturbating, and Frederik Winther Rasmussen attempted to lower Villas Bøye's trousers for purposes of masturbating him but was not successful.

Tags:  petting,  watching adult content
Time: 0:54:19-0:55:52
Martin kisses a girl.

Tags:  kissing
Time: 1:15:43-1:15:53
Villas Bøye and Frederik Winther Rasmussen on bed, kissing, caressing and musturbating each other [not shown].

Tags:  kissing,  petting
Time: 1:25:24-1:27:20
Kim is lying on a girl after [implied] sex.

Time: 1:36:49-1:37:01

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