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Maladolescenza (1977)


Sensitive scenes
Banned in Countries
Germany (28 July 2006), Netherlands (2010)
93 minutes

Fabrizio is lying completely nude, he then fights with a dog.

Time: 0:00:07-0:01:24
Laura lowers panties to pee. Her private area is seen close when she puts her panties back on. Fabrizio spies on her.

Tags:  dressing,  peeping,  undressing,  urination
Time: 0:10:39-0:10:56
Laura's hands tied by Fabrizio after some fight between them.

Tags:  bullying
Time: 0:18:26-0:21:07
Laura and Fabrizio kissing.

Tags:   kissing
Time: 0:24:15-0:24:22
Love scene with Laura and Fabrizio.

Tags:   making out,  undressing
 Martin Loeb, age: 17 years old. Nudity:  full frontal

Time: 0:29:03-0:31:34
Fabrizio undresses Laura, she is seen topless.

Tags:  undressing
 Lara Wendel, age: 11 years old. Nudity:  full chest

Time: 0:36:38-0:38:07
Laura takes her panties off to pee [nothing shown]. Fabrizio pees on her [nothing shown].

Tags:   urination,  bullying
Time: 0:50:20-0:50:50
Silvia stands in the transparent dress, her breasts could be seen through it. Fabrizio kisses her.

Tags:   kissing,  transparent clothing
 Eva Ionesco, age: 11 years old. Nudity:  partial chest

Time: 0:50:53-0:51:56
Laura discovers nude Silvia and Fabrizio. They force her to watch them making love.

Tags:   making out,  forcing
Time: 0:55:51-0:58:00
Love scene with Silvia and Fabrizio. Laura is changing in this scene, seen topless.

Tags:  changing,   kissing,   making out,   running,  undressing
 Martin Loeb, age: 17 years old. Nudity:  full frontal
 Lara Wendel, age: 11 years old. Nudity:  full chest

Time: 1:02:03-1:06:49
Fabrizio reminiscences of making love with Silvia.

Tags:   making out,   running
 Martin Loeb, age: 17 years old. Nudity:  full frontal

Time: 1:24:24-1:25:22


Maladolescenza is known primarily for its use of a young actor and two 11-year-old pubescent actresses in scenes involving both nudity and simulated sex. It's largely unseen in all but a few countries primarily for this reason.

In Germany, although released uncut in cinemas at 91 minutes in 1977, public outcry caused for several scenes to be removed on its home video releases, namely all instances of nudity, sexuality and death involving children, bringing the running time down to 77 minutes.

In 2004, a German cult DVD distributor restored these cuts in a re-mastered version running at 91 minutes. This version was later banned in a German court on 28 July 2006, condemning the material as child pornography, successfully withdrawing all copies from distribution.

In 2010, a Dutch court ruled that the movie qualifies as child pornography because it depicts the sexual exploitation of children.

Its worldwide circulation is largely unknown to this day, including in Italy and France where seemingly no DVD or home video releases have ever been made available.

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