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Behind the scenes (75)

Year: 2006
Scene One:
Mother: Darling, are you coming?
Boy: I will come soon.
Girl: Where are you going?
Boy: I am going to a sauna
Girl: What is that?
Boy: Where everyone must be nude.
Girl: Will you be nude too?
Boy: Er, well, I don't really know.
Girl giggles.

Boy: Must I be nude too?
Mother: Everyone is nude, here. It's normal here.
Woman: Yeah.

Conversation between men cannot be understood.

Woman: Hi
Boy: Hi
Receptionist: Thank you, Good bye

Mother: Did you like it?
Boy: Yes.
Mother: Well, do you think all those nude people are funny?
Boy: Yes
Mother: Or do you think you will join me again some time?
Boy nods yes
Mother: Good night, dear
Boy: Sleep well.
Des épaules solides
Year: 2003
With Louise Szpindel, in Des épaules solides, it was extremely tense, even violent sometimes, so we got along very well well off shoot. It's true that she put a lot of personal things at stake. But if she accepted to interpret this role, it was not for nothing. Especially since the body is the very stake of the movie. When she played the scene where the character undresses and sees herself naked in her entirety, she broke down. We emptied the tray to leave only the cameraman, I directed it with the return video. The moral contract is there. If an actor does not want to go somewhere, we do not go either we find a solution together.(
Song for a Raggy Boy
Year: 2003
Martina Zemlicka: When I think about the raping scene, it seems so real…
Aisling Walsh: That was a very simple scene to film. People think that was quite difficult. I explained to the 14 year old Chris, the boy, what it is about… and I mean he had his trousers on. I think the harder scene for him to do and also for me to shoot was him telling the priest in the confession box. When I met him, and I met him a few times, and I knew he was right for that part, I rung his mother and said that I want him to play this part but that I need her to explain him the scene before he would read it to me. He knew about it anyway, so he was fine. Actually, the hardest thing to do for him as a child was to stand in the shower with his clothes off…
Les diables
Year: 2002
French star Adele Haenel lodged a formal complaint on Tuesday against a film director she claims sexually harassed her between the ages of 12 and 15, her lawyers said.
The actress shook the French film industry earlier this month with accusations about being repeatedly touched and kissed by Christophe Ruggia, who directed her in her first film role.
The 30-year-old winner of two French Oscars initially refused to bring charges because she said so few sexual assault cases come to court in France.
But she changed her mind and went to a police station in a Paris suburb on Tuesday to make a formal complaint against Ruggia.
The director, now 54, initially denied the accusations before asking Haenel to forgive him, saying: "I did not see that my adulation and the hopes I placed in her, might -- given her young age -- be distressing (for her)."
The Hole
Year: 2001
Keira Knightley's first nude scene. She was 15 when she shot the topless scene.
Nila Kaalam
Year: 2001
According to the interview given to an indian channel, the boy and girl studied in the same class and school and the boy was shy to stand in front of the girl in nude.
À ma soeur!
Year: 2001
Catherine Breillat:
"I had a big concern about censorship because in the last scene you could see [Anais's] breasts. I actually wanted her not to have breasts, but her body changed between casting and the end of shooting. It's funny that, if she had been flat-chested, it wouldn't have been an issue."
"The problem is that censors create the concept of obscenity. By supposedly trying to protect us they form an absurd concept of what is obscene. She's got a body that is acceptable and normal for a young girl, yet it shouldn't be shown by a film director."
Jan Dara
Year: 2001
Chung says it was a 'great, new experience' to work with the shy 17-year-old Thai actor, Suwinit Panjamawat. He was so embarrassed during their sex scenes, she claims, that he had to wear a jock strap.
Chung says this garment hurt her considerably on the set, explaining rather graphically how the grinding of its fabric against her skin caused friction burns during the more frenetic moments of simulated passion.
'We had to give him a few beers before rolling the camera,' she says, laughing. 'He is a very quiet boy but when it comes to action he has enormous energy. He is a wonderful actor.'
Year: 2000
Giuseppe Sulfaro:
With Monica I had a great relationship from the beginning, we talked about everything, obviously being 14 years old, after a couple of days you will begin meetings with Monica Bellucci to fall in love; this she understood and maintained this relationship of complicity to facilitate the work later. Well I was glad of this, Monica greeted me every morning with a little kiss on the lips, and it made me feel like her husband Vincent Cassel [Giuseppe smiles]. The film was turning into reality - a reality that I knew would fade when the film was released. This was good and made me feel safer at work, sometimes I feel Monica and I remember with great joy and satisfaction the moments spent with her.
What to say more?!?! I was 14 when they called me to make the film and I had never seen a live naked woman, the first was Monica, now you can understand my teenage years ...... [the memory makes Giuseppe smile] it was a special and wonderful experience.
Ali Zaoua, prince de la rue
Year: 2000
Amal Ayouch had met Mustapha Hansali when he visited the Wholesale market in the company of an educator one night. When asked to improvise a situation, he revealed
himself to be an extraordinarily sensitive child. Hansali had a difficult relationship with his mother, and it was hard for him to take on the role of Omar vis-à-vis Ali”s mother.
Also, he did not want to be filmed in the nude while Ali's mother bathed him. Amal Ayouch finally persuaded him, explaining how much more difficult it had been for her,
married, with two children, to simulate sex with a client.

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