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 Tamás Albert

Movies: 1
Sensitive scenes: 3

A visszhang titka (1973) RFF

A boy (12) finds a beautiful green stone by a pool and talks with a girl who is swimming totally naked .

Tags:  swimming
Time: 0:03:16-0:07:00
A visszhang titka (1973) RFF

The girl shows the boy the source of such stones before they return to the pool. She again swims naked. He joins her in his shorts before dressing.

Tags:  undressing,   swimming,  dressing
Time: 0:16:09-0:16:46
A visszhang titka (1973) RFF

Six boys approach the pool and ridicule the girl who is still swimming there. Upset, she has to pass the boys in order to get to her clothes and dress.

Tags:  dressing,  swimming,  peeping,  walking
 boys (6), age: from 10 to 15 years old

Time: 0:18:03-0:20:09

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