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El Último verano de la Boyita (2009) RFF

Jorgelina looks again at a sex education book.

Tags:  watching adult content
Time: 0:38:07-0:38:29
El Último verano de la Boyita (2009) RFF

Jorgelina looks at a sex education book with Mario. She is called away but he continues to look at pictures of female and male genitalia. He compares these to himself (implied).

Tags:   watching adult content
Time: 0:40:17-0:41:40
Do-ga-ni (2011) RFF

A man shows a girl a porn movie and touches her under her clothes but she runs away. Then the man chases her into the bathroom and tries to rape her.

Tags:  running,  harassment,  abuse,  forcing,  watching adult content,  undressing
 girl, age: 11 years old.

Time: 0:33:44-0:37:00
Herzblatt oder Wie sag' ich's meiner Tochter? (1969) RFF

Mascha watches erotic art at museum.

Tags:  watching adult content
Time: 0:34:02-0:34:32
Schulmädchen-Report 5. Teil - Was Eltern wirklich wissen sollten (1973) RFF

Margit (Sonja Jeannine, 17) is watching adult movie and adult magazines. She caresses herself. Then she makes out with an old man.

Tags:  undressing,  watching adult content,  petting,  making out
Time: 0:16:33-0:21:41
Diep (2005) RFF

Melody Klaver (14) practices kissing with an older girl/woman, who shows her a porn clip on her computer.

Tags:  kissing,  watching adult content
Time: 0:11:40-0:12:23
Aldri mer 13! (1996) RFF

Rikke (13) and some older boy sitting on the couch. They are watching an adult movie. Boy attempts to touch her legs. She leaves.

Tags:   watching adult content,  harassment
 boy, age: 16 years old.

Time: 0:47:25-0:49:04
Krysha (2009) RFF

The three girls play around with fruits to make their breasts look bigger and talk about sex while having a look at 'sex pictures' in magazines.

Tags:  watching adult content
Time: 0:29:10-0:30:20
Fünf Jahre danach (1979) RFF

Father comes in the room when Fränze is just about to watch an erotic scene on TV.

Tags:  watching adult content
Time: 0:21:28-0:22:19
Oh, My God! (2008) RFF

We see three girls of around 12 years old look at some very explicit pictures of women in porn magazines. The rest of 'questionable' things in this film lies in the dialogue rather than what is shown.

Tags:  watching adult content
Time: 0:02:07-0:03:30

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