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Prinz & Bottel (2010) RFF

When Calvin and Kevin decide to return to their normal lives they undress and swop clothes Kevin is seen full rear.

Tags:  undressing,  changing
 Moritz Jahn, age: 13 years old. Nudity:  full rear
 boy, age: 13 years old.

Time: 1:01:09-1:01:10
Broken Dreams (1933) RFF

Billy (Buster Phelps, 6) gets up out of bed, removes his pajamas and sits nude in a chair to put on his "run away" clothes.

Tags:  changing
 Buster Phelps, age: 6 years old. Nudity:  partial rear

Time: 0:58:42-0:58:50
Scene is dark
Xi He (2015) RFF

Xi He' (Jun Feng, 8) mom helps him to get dressed after bath. Full nudity.

Tags:  changing
 Jun Feng, age: 8 years old. Nudity:  full frontal,  full rear

Time: 0:59:55-1:00:25
Headbutt (2017) RFF

Rear nudity of a boy when he is changing underwear.

Tags:  changing
 Felix Osinga, age: 15 years old. Nudity:  partial rear

Time: 0:01:14-0:01:22
Mot Chuyen Phiêu Luu (2004) RFF

In a comical scene, Hai has gone from being a baby to a older boy but the man (police man) caring for him treats him like a baby feeding and changing him, not really knowing how to take care of a boy. Hai waits for the man to go to sleep and then changes back. He escapes by slinging plastic nunchucks at the man to get away and the man realizes he is not a baby.

Tags:  changing
 boy, age: 5 years old. Nudity:  full frontal,  full rear

Time: 1:08:19-1:09:37
Dom za nashite deca (1987) RFF

Dad undresses his son (5) for bed and helps him put on his pajamas.
Episode: 4  

Tags:  changing
 boy, age: 5 years old. Nudity:  full frontal,  full rear

Time: 0:03:24-0:03:50
Den förtrollade vägen (1986) RFF

Riki is undressed by a woman, she then puts his night shirt on for bed.

Tags:  changing
 Marcus Hietanen, age: 6 years old. Nudity:  full rear

Time: 0:27:20-0:27:30
Det hemmelighedsfulde X (1914) RFF

In a very dark room in front of the window the boy changes his clothes.

Tags:  changing
Time: 1:03:02-1:03:28
Scene is dark
Buenos días resistencia (2013) RFF

A father wakes up his children. We see nude Oro (Oro Ransanz) and Luna (Luna Ransanz) shirtless as they change clothes.

Tags:   changing,   awakening
 Oro Ransanz, age: 5 years old. Nudity:  full frontal,  full rear
 Luna Ransanz, age: 8 years old. Nudity:  full chest
 Mia Ransanz, age: 7 years old.

Time: 0:01:27-0:07:45
Scene is dark
Jiao you (2013) RFF

In one scene the siblings change clothes for the night, the girl (Yi Chieh Lee, 9) is moving around and to be seen full nude frontal and back, than the boy (Yi Cheng Lee, 13) is undressing behind the girl, some parts of his buttocks seen.

Tags:   changing
 Yi Cheng Lee, age: 13 years old. Nudity:  partial rear

Time: 0:40:19-0:43:43

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