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Správná sestka (1992) RFF

A chubby boy is seen completly nude (front and rear), the other boys are seen in swimming trunks. A girl (9) seen topless in briefs.
Episode: 2  Title: "Správná šestka a vana"  

Tags:   bathing
 boy, age: 9 years old. Nudity:  full frontal,  full rear
 girl, age: 9 years old. Nudity:  full chest
 boy, age: 7 years old.
 boy, age: 7 years old.

Time: 0:06:57-0:08:03
P: 4/15
Stestí má jméno Jonás (1986) RFF

Medical examination of a girl (Karin Babinská, 10).

Tags:  medical examination
Time: 0:50:53-0:52:04
P: 2/15
Zateryannyy v Sibiri (1991) RFF

Full rear and frontal nudity of Irina Mikhalyova during scenes in the camp bath house.

Tags:  bathing,  sauna
Time: 1:08:25-1:11:01
P: 4/15
Chto u Senki bylo (1986) RFF

A girl (Yuliya Kosmachyova, 7) is topless in a long scene.

Tags:  walking
Time: 0:17:51-0:22:51
P: 2/15
In the Time of the Butterflies (2001) RFF

Swiiming scene with girls (9-11).

Tags:  swimming
 girl, age: 10 years old. Nudity:  full chest
 girl, age: 11 years old. Nudity:  partial chest
 girl, age: 11 years old.

Time: 0:02:31-0:02:37
P: 2/15
Bandyta (1997) RFF

On the attic where Brute (Til Schweiger) lived, three children, Elena (Ida Jablonska, 12) and two boys, was watching the tatoo on his back. The girl requested the boys leave so she could stay with him all alone. Brute didn't pay attention to her. Suddenly he heard her voice, saying: "I would like to have the exact tatoo." Brute looked at her and then her full nudity in rear was shown. The girl turned around showing her breasts, walked up to him holding a crayon in her hand. She started to insist and finally Brute make a decision. He walked up to her, took a crayon and the girl turn her back to him. When he began to create a drawing, the girl suddenly turned around, grappled his hand and pressed to her heart. The feeling of amusement appeared on Brute's face, the girl felt offended and run off. Then we can see her running with open shirt.

Tags:  running
Time: 0:57:29-0:58:23
P: 3/15
Innocence (2004) RFF

Zoé Auclair (7) seen topless when she arrives at boarding school.
 girls (5), age: from 8 to 11 years old
 Zoé Auclair, age: 7 years old. Nudity:  full chest

Time: 0:07:14-0:08:43
P: 2/15
La petite fille en velours bleu (1978) RFF

Laura is in Konrad's room and takes off her nightgown showing that she wants to have sex with him.

Tags:  dressing,  undressing
 Lara Wendel, age: 13 years old. Nudity:  partial chest

Time: 1:23:06-1:23:18
Scene is dark
P: 2/15
Madicken (1979) RFF

Madicken (9) is naked as she changes.
Episode: 5  Title: "Junibackens jul"  

Tags:  undressing
Time: 0:01:20-0:01:31
P: 3/15
Nomer 'lyuks' dlya generala s devochkoi (1991) RFF

Lyuska briefly seen topless in bath room.

Tags:  harassment,  undressing
Time: 0:43:36-0:44:26
P: 5/15

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