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 Slobodan Negic

Movies: 1
Sensitive scenes as a minor: 3

Games of Desire (1991) RFF

The boy (13) pretends to drop a knife on the floor and then crawls under the dinner table and puts his hand between the woman's legs.

Tags:  peeping,  playing doctor
Time: 0:25:16-0:26:46
P: 0/15
Games of Desire (1991) RFF

The woman gives the boy goodnight kiss.

Tags:  kissing
Time: 0:28:13-0:28:18
P: 0/15
Games of Desire (1991) RFF

Later the boy enters the bathroom where the woman his bathing in the bathtub and washes her breasts.

Tags:  playing doctor,  peeping
Time: 0:54:46-0:57:22
P: 0/15

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