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 Luciano Sanguineri

Movies: 1
Sensitive scenes: 5

Kindergarten (1989) RFF

A naked boy in a bath is joined by a woman who holds him, clearly against his will before he struggles free and runs off.

Tags:  forcing,  bathing,  running
Time: 0:30:40-0:31:26
Kindergarten (1989) RFF

In a wooded setting a group of women toss the naked boy into the air.

Time: 0:31:40-0:31:57
Kindergarten (1989) RFF

The naked boy comes from playing under one bed and creeps onto a couple's bed. The naked boy enters a room where there is an elderly woman in a wheelchair. They play jousting with sticks.

Tags:  running,  walking
Time: 0:36:00-0:38:30
Kindergarten (1989) RFF

After running up some exterior stairs, the boy poses naked on a statue.

Tags:  running,  posing
Time: 0:39:31-0:39:57
Kindergarten (1989) RFF

Firstly asleep in an interior garden area, the naked boy then enters a porch-like structure next to where a naked woman is showering. He appears to touch himself and thrust.

Tags:  walking,  masturbation
Time: 1:02:55-1:04:29

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