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 Tudor Roberts

Movies: 1
Sensitive scenes as a minor: 4

Un nos ola' leuad (1991) RFF

Boy, a male friend and two girls are playing in fields. The two boys get the girls to show them their (long, Victorian-style) knickers by lifting their dresses. The male friend clumsily tries to touch one girl and ends up wrestling with her. “Boy” has his arm around the other girl.

Tags:   playing doctor
 girls (2), age: from 13 to 14 years old
 boy, age: 13 years old.

Time: 0:13:36-0:15:37
Information is not verified
Un nos ola' leuad (1991) RFF

Boy is bathed by his mother.

Tags:  bathing
Time: 0:40:21-0:41:32
Information is not verified
Un nos ola' leuad (1991) RFF

“Boy” skinny dips in a pond with a farmhand.

Tags:  swimming
Time: 1:01:04-1:01:32
Information is not verified
Un nos ola' leuad (1991) RFF

Boy knocks himself out falling in a barn and has a dream. Firstly he is back in the pond where he skinny-dipped, naked again. An angel appears and he runs into a barn. The angel chases him and he hides in the same hayloft he fell from in real life. The angel appears in the hayloft and boy falls from it again. He is nude throughout.

Tags:  swimming,  running
Time: 1:04:35-1:05:57
Information is not verified

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