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Kde padají hvezdy (1996)


Boys open a door to girls locker room, one of the girls (12) seen almost topless for a split-second.
Episode: 3  Title: "V Pasti"  

Tags:  peeping,  locker room
 boys (4), age: from 10 to 13 years old
 girls (4), age: from 10 to 11 years old
 girl, age: 12 years old. Nudity:  partial chest

Time: 0:02:34-0:02:37
Several nude boys (10-11) take a shower then visit sauna.
Episode: 3  Title: "V Pasti"  

Tags:  showering,  locker room,  sauna
 boys (7), age: from 10 to 12 years old.  Nudity:  partial frontal,  full rear

Time: 0:02:46-0:03:59
2 Boys lock Foxl (Marek Javorský, 10) in sauna. Foxl takes all his clothes off, full nudity.
Episode: 7  Title: "Co me nezabije, to me posili"  

Tags:  undressing,  bullying,  sauna,  pool
 boy, age: 11 years old.

Time: 0:18:30-0:21:52

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