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Lulu (1980)


Sensitive scenes
95 minutes

Lulu poses for a painter and a few other men, wearing a thin gown through which her nipples are visible. She runs into the room naked but covering herself with the gown. The painter takes away the gown and chases her around the room until she lies down and he gets on top of her and they start kissing. An old man walks in and seems to have a heart attack. Lulu walks around naked some more.

Tags:  kissing,  making out,  posing,  running,  transparent clothing,  walking
Time: 0:03:09-0:16:36
Lulu's breasts seen in mirror as she changes into a thin gown through which her body is half visible. As she's moving and dancing the gown is raised enough to reveal quick glimpses of front and rear.

Tags:  changing,  dressing,  transparent clothing,  undressing,  wardrobe malfunction,  dancing
Time: 0:31:08-0:39:58
Man starts touching and undressing Lulu. She is topless kissing him until another man walks in on them and she drops her dress, revealing her bush. She walks a bit fully nude before putting her dress back on.

Tags:  dressing,  kissing,  petting,  undressing,  walking
Time: 0:44:18-0:48:24
The top part of Lulu's dress falls down, revealing her brests.

Tags:  walking,  wardrobe malfunction
 Anne Bennent, age: 16 years old. Nudity:  full chest

Time: 0:51:35-0:52:14
Lulu recieves money from a man, takes off her coat, embraces him and starts kissing him. Two men are watching as they have sex.

Tags:  kissing,  making out,  petting,  sex,  undressing
Time: 1:00:37-1:01:38
Man tries to rape Lulu.

Tags:  undressing,  forcing,  harassment
Time: 1:08:29-1:08:50
Scene is dark
Lulu is naked fighting a man.

Tags:  abuse,  running
Time: 1:18:14-1:18:38
Lulu briefly seen brutaly murdered.

Time: 1:20:25-1:20:26
Woman dies on top of naked Lulu.
 Anne Bennent, age: 16 years old. Nudity:  full chest

Time: 1:21:05-1:21:33

Behind the scenes

Though Anne Bennent’s Lulu is frequently nude, the sex is almost clinically soft core and lacks the sense of eroticism found in Borowczyk’s other films. Perhaps the most perverse element is the fact that Lulu’s husband Schön was played by the amazing Heinz Bennent, Anne's real-life father.

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