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Oblako nad rayem (1999) RFF

Children dry wet clothes. They run nude in a garden, then skinny dip in a pond.

Tags:   drying clothes,  self examination,   running,   walking
Time: 0:11:38-0:21:37
Lakki (1992) RFF

Lakki wakes up and runs to a bathroom, rear nudity in dark. Half-transparent silhouette of nude Lakki seen in mirror when he is spreading his wings.

Tags:  awakening,  running,  self examination
Time: 1:14:12-1:14:49
Moritz, lieber Moritz (1978) RFF

Moritz stands in front of the mirror, although nothing really to see, it's clear from the mirror view he's naked.

Tags:  self examination
Time: 0:35:18-0:35:20
qing ting shao nian (2018) RFF

Kaiwu (Kaixiang Hu, 9) in mooning scene at home.

Tags:  self examination,  mooning
Time: 1:03:03-1:03:15
San mao liu lang ji (1996) RFF

San Mao takes a bath. San Mao wears a dress and lifts it up to expose himself.
Season: 1  Episode: 12  Title: "fei lai hen huo (shang)"  

Tags:  walking,  self examination,  undressing,  bathing,  defecation
Time: 0:15:55-0:18:32
Xiao long ren (1992) RFF

Xiao Long Ren transformed into a boy with his tail disappearing. His rear is exposed. After that he is walking and talking with his friends and Madame Cuì-Cuì-Pó-Po.
Season: 1  Episode: 17  

Tags:  wardrobe malfunction,  self examination,  walking
 Jianan Chen, age: 6 years old. Nudity:  full frontal,  full rear close up
 Chen Chen, age: 7 years old.
 Yizhen Jiang, age: 10 years old.
 Tian Liu, age: 5 years old.

Time: 0:15:49-0:26:45
Hjartasteinn (2016) RFF

Þór (Baldur Einarsson, 12) shown partially nude in a bathroom as he examines his body in front of a mirror. His sisters steals his towel after shower. Rear nudity.

Tags:  self examination,  undressing
 girls (2), age: 15 years old

Time: 0:04:25-0:06:54
Ártún (2014) RFF

Arnar is in the bath practising kissing on his hand, when his teenage sister Disa comes into the bathroom. He squirms in the bath trying to stop her from seeing him naked. Mostly side and rear nudity.

Tags:  bathing,  self examination
Time: 0:02:34-0:03:58
Sanzhyra (2001) RFF

8 years old boy examines his penis in one scene.

Tags:  self examination
 boy, age: 8 years old. Nudity:  full frontal close up,  partial rear

Time: 0:04:18-0:04:39
Je vous aime très beaucoup (2010) RFF

Later on, a brief rear nudity of the two older brothers where the three of them are comparing their genitals.

Tags:  self examination
Time: 0:57:21-0:57:55

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