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Il fiore delle mille e una notte (1974) RFF

Nur Ed-Din (Franco Merli, 16) is taken to a courtyard by two women, stripped naked and given an erotic massage lying on his back. He becomes aroused as they rub his body.

Tags:  petting,  undressing,  seduction
Time: 0:39:46-0:40:44
Den-en ni shisu (1974) RFF

A woman strips naked in front of the boy then chases him through a temple.

Tags:  harassment,  seduction
Time: 1:28:38-1:29:10
Herzklopfen (1985) RFF

Young lovers David and Susanne take polaroid photos of each other as they strip in the dark, the camera’s flash lighting them every few seconds until they are both naked. They then put robes on, look at the photos and start kissing.

Tags:  seduction,  undressing,  kissing,  posing,  dressing
Time: 0:11:50-0:13:43
Information is not verified
Collections privées (1979) RFF

The boy ignores his mother’s warnings and goes to the nymphomaniac’s house. She welcomes him in but quickly pounces on him and takes her clothes off. He tries to escape but she grabs him and strips him naked. They make out. Eventually he comes to his senses, throws her off and runs away. Carrying his clothes but still naked, he runs through fields and over sand dunes to the sea.

Tags:  seduction,  undressing,  making out,  running
Time: 0:39:20-0:43:18
Rivals (1972) RFF

Jamie and Mary undress. Woman encourage Jamie to make out with her but boy says he can't.

Tags:  undressing,  making out,  seduction
Time: 1:11:24-1:16:07
Khrustalnyy (2021) RFF

Teenage girl is about to lower her top in front of a boy but he stands up and walks away.
Episode: 3  

Tags:  seduction
Time: 0:17:50-0:18:02
Real Men (2003) RFF

Boy plays with an older girl (age unknown). They kiss. She presses him to touch her between legs but he pushes her away.

Tags:  kissing,  seduction
Time: 1:43:52-1:44:05
Private Lessons (1981) RFF

Mallow (Sylvia Kristel) takes clothes off in front of Philly.

Tags:  peeping,  seduction
Time: 0:24:29-0:28:02
Pro urodov i lyudey (1998) RFF

A woman reveals her breast to let boys see and touch it.

Tags:  seduction,  peeping
Time: 0:26:00-0:26:24
La vida sense la Sara Amat (2019) RFF

Girl changes dress in front of boy. She removes her bra and pants but no nudity is shown.

Tags:  seduction,  undressing
Time: 0:32:23-0:33:00

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