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Maido Osawagase Shimasu (1985) RFF

Boy and girl play doctor.
Season: 1  Episode: 6  

Tags:   undressing,   playing doctor
 boy, age: 11 years old.
 girl, age: 11 years old.

Time: 0:00:25-0:02:26
P: 0/15
Un nos ola' leuad (1991) RFF

Boy, a male friend and two girls are playing in fields. The two boys get the girls to show them their (long, Victorian-style) knickers by lifting their dresses. The male friend clumsily tries to touch one girl and ends up wrestling with her. “Boy” has his arm around the other girl.

Tags:   playing doctor
 girls (2), age: from 13 to 14 years old
 boy, age: 13 years old.

Time: 0:13:36-0:15:37
Information is not verified
P: 0/15
El Pacto (1976) RFF

One more scene with young Sergio and Teresa on the beach.

Tags:   playing doctor,   beach
Time: 0:57:25-0:57:35
P: 4/15
Hounddog (2007) RFF

Lewellen talks a 10 year old boy into showing her his penis by promising him a kiss if he does so. He lowers his pants. You can see his underwear. However, no nudity is seen.

Tags:  undressing,   kissing,   playing doctor
Time: 0:02:11-0:03:38
P: 0/15
Pierwszy milion (2000) RFF

3 boys and 1 girl play "show me yours" game. Boy bottoms seen when they lower pants.

Tags:   playing doctor,   undressing
 girl, age: 11 years old.
 Michal Frach, age: 12 years old. Nudity:  full rear
 boy, age: 12 years old. Nudity:  partial rear
 boy, age: 12 years old. Nudity:  partial rear

Time: 0:18:11-0:18:46
P: 3/15
Bájecná léta pod psa (1997) RFF

One more scene where Kvido and Jaruska play doctor.

Tags:   playing doctor,   undressing
Time: 0:53:34-0:53:39
P: 3/15
Bájecná léta pod psa (1997) RFF

Kvido seen rear nude in another similar scene.

Tags:  undressing,   playing doctor
Time: 0:41:32-0:41:34
P: 3/15
Mitt liv som hund (1985) RFF

A girl (9) asks Ingmar to lie near her because she is already "undressed". A man interrupts their game.

Tags:   playing doctor
 girl, age: 9 years old.

Time: 0:14:55-0:15:25
P: 0/15
Mid90s (2018) RFF

At a house party Stevie meets a girl. She make great compliments to Stevie and Stevie also has some feelings for that girl. Later they are in bedroom and Stevie undressed the girl and himself. They are sitting on the bed and kissing together.

Tags:   playing doctor,   kissing,   undressing
 girl, age: 15 years old.

Time: 0:46:54-0:51:50
P: 0/15
Rosa was here (1994) RFF

Boy (13) and girl (Sanna Liljander, 14) take clothes off in front of each other. Partial nudity. They are kissing in this scene.

Tags:   kissing,   playing doctor,   undressing
 boy, age: 13 years old. Nudity:  partial frontal

Time: 0:41:20-0:41:58
P: 4/15

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