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Women in summer grass (1987) RFF

Girl and boy play in a bath house.

Tags:   bathing,   pool
 boy, age: 5 years old. Nudity:  partial rear
 girl, age: 10 years old. Nudity:  full frontal,  partial rear,  full chest
Information is not verified
Les agneaux (1996) RFF

Marie and Daniel take bath together.

Tags:   bathing
Time: 0:56:38-0:57:01
Iskam Amerika (1991) RFF

Two nude little kids shown in the end of the movie.

Tags:   bathing
 boy, age: 5 years old. Nudity:  full rear
 girl, age: 5 years old. Nudity:  partial frontal,  full rear,  full chest

Time: 1:23:16-1:24:19
Filmavisen (1941) RFF

Norwegian children enjoy sauna after skiing. Part of this scene has been lost.
Episode, Date: 1942  January, 19  

Tags:  walking,   sauna,   bathing
 girls (5), age: from 4 to 12 years old.  Nudity:  full frontal,  full rear,  full chest
 boy, age: 4 years old. Nudity:  full frontal

Time: 0:09:15-0:09:49
Scene is censored
La tutora (2016) RFF

Valentino and Malena run outside, shedding their clothes while on the way to an old bathtub in the garden, where they bathe together.

Tags:   undressing,  dressing,   bathing,   running
Time: 0:19:26-0:21:28
Akasthile Paravakal (2001) RFF

Father pulls the towel off the boy (10) in front of the whole family for fun while children bathing. Brief frontal nudity.

Tags:  undressing,   bathing
 boy, age: 10 years old. Nudity:  full frontal,  partial rear
 girl, age: 10 years old.

Time: 1:25:34-1:25:37
Süskind (2012) RFF

Bath scene with kids.

Tags:   bathing
 boys (1), age: 5 years old
 girls (2), age: from 5 to 6 years old
 girl, age: 5 years old. Nudity:  partial chest

Time: 1:32:11-1:32:22
La baule-les-Pins (1990) RFF

Sophie seen rear nude after bath.

Tags:   bathing
Time: 0:31:36-0:31:52
Toto le héros (1991) RFF

Thomas and Alice take bath together. Boy licks the girl's wrist.

Tags:   bathing
Time: 0:12:51-0:13:09
Rendez-Vous (2015) RFF

Suzanne (Evi van der Laken, 11) and Bas (Bobby van Vleuten, 9) are bathed by their mother.

Tags:   bathing
Time: 0:10:10-0:10:28
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