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Le rallye des joyeuses (1974) RFF

A man slowly undresses Annie Belle (17) while touching and kissing her body. Nipples partially visible through bra.

Tags:  transparent clothing,  undressing
Time: 0:50:26-0:52:20
Traces of Death III (1995) RFF

The circumcision of the girls in Africa.

Tags:  lewd pose,   cruelty,  natives,   circumcision
 girl, age: 6 years old. Nudity:  full frontal close up
 girl, age: 4 years old. Nudity:  full frontal

Time: 0:52:13-0:53:16

Africa ama (1971) RFF

An african girl (11) seen nude as the old woman makes some manipulations with her private area.

Tags:  medical procedure,  lewd pose
 girl, age: 11 years old. Nudity:  partial frontal close up,  full chest

Time: 0:49:22-0:49:43
Scene is censored
Africa ama (1971) RFF

Circumcision of young girls.

Tags:   circumcision,  lewd pose,   cruelty,  natives
 girls (5), age: from 10 to 15 years old.  Nudity:  partial frontal,  full rear,  full chest
 girl, age: 12 years old. Nudity:  partial frontal close up,  full chest

Time: 0:33:37-0:37:36
Scene is censored
Les héroïnes du mal (1979) RFF

Marceline (Gaëlle Legrand) is raped and deflowered by the butcher. She is naked in the straw with her sex stained with the blood of her virginity. She goes home to commit a murder.

Tags:  abuse,  forcing,  undressing,  sex,  walking
Time: 1:19:10-1:28:56
Flossie (1974) RFF

Flossie walks naked towards bed and gives Jack a drink. She then tells Jack and Eva more about her erotic adventures at school. Flossie has sex with Jack.

Tags:  petting,  kissing,  undressing,  sex
Time: 1:14:30-1:28:13
Flossie (1974) RFF

Flossie and Ylette naked in bathtub, washing and touching each other and themselves.

Tags:  bathing,  masturbation,  washing,  petting
Time: 0:42:02-0:44:32
Flossie (1974) RFF

Ylette teaches Flossie to masturbate.

Tags:  masturbation,  undressing
Time: 0:37:40-0:41:15
Flossie (1974) RFF

Flossie touches herself while picturing the orgy Jack is telling her about. She is then seen naked as she starts telling him about Ylette.

Tags:  masturbation
Time: 0:33:07-0:35:42
Der Fluch der schwarzen Schwestern (1973) RFF

Helga is awakened by drums and decides to masturbate using a candle(?). She walks naked into a man's bedroom. He wakes up and kisses her.

Tags:  masturbation,  kissing,  awakening,  walking
Time: 0:38:15-0:44:10

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