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Komendantskiy chas (1981) RFF

The nude butts of two boys seen when a grandmother is about to punish them.

Tags:  dressing
 girls (3), age: from 8 to 9 years old
 Anton Granat, age: 9 years old. Nudity:  partial rear
 boy, age: 9 years old. Nudity:  partial rear

Time: 0:17:29-0:17:57
Irréversible (2002) RFF

The last scene is a bright idyllic vision of children playing in their blissful Eden, surrounded only by women. Girls (4-9) are playing on the meadow with a sprinkler turn on. One of the children (age aprox. 4 to 6) is completely naked. The older girl is shirtless.

Tags:  running
 girl, age: 9 years old. Nudity:  full chest
 girl, age: 4 years old. Nudity:  full rear
 girl, age: 6 years old.

Time: 1:31:05-1:31:56
View is distant
Untamed Love (1994) RFF

Caitlin's (Ashlee Lauren, 7) nude back seen when mother helps her to get dressed.

Tags:  dressing
Time: 0:34:03-0:34:39
Les bottes (2004) RFF

When Isabelle (Albane de la Chapelle, 7) hangs from a tree branch, her chest is briefly seen.

Tags:  wardrobe malfunction
Time: 0:54:06-0:54:26
Tainá 2 - A Aventura Continua (2004) RFF

Other girls also seen topless.
 girls (6), age: from 7 to 10 years old.  Nudity:  full chest

Time: 0:01:45-0:04:19
Kahdeksan peiliä (1982) RFF

Anna-Maija (Tia Moilanen, 7?) and Marja (Anna Erkinheimo, 7?) take off their clothes and examine their naked bodies using handheld mirrors, while being spied on by a boy of their age.

Tags:  dancing,  self examination,  undressing,  peeping,  singing
 boy, age: 7 years old.

Time: 0:19:40-0:21:05
Mort un dimanche de pluie (1986) RFF

Cerise Leclerc seen nude (and tied up) on the toilet. Full frontal nudity.

Tags:  cruelty
Time: 1:16:00-1:17:00
Papa Poule (1980) RFF

Amandine Rajau (7) is shirtless on the beach.
Season: 2  Episode: 1  Title: "Les Vacances de Papa Poule et Compagnie"  

Tags:   swimming,  beach,  sunbathing
 boys (2), age: 12 years old
 Amandine Rajau, age: 7 years old. Nudity:  full chest
 girl, age: 12 years old.

Time: 0:39:43-0:41:48
Du sel sur la peau (1984) RFF

Shirtless Juliette (Anne Clignet, 10) swimming in the pool, then drying off in the house.

Tags:  swimming
 Anne Clignet, age: 10 years old. Nudity:  full chest

Time: 0:07:37-0:10:05
Du sel sur la peau (1984) RFF

Julien (Richard Bohringer) takes photograph of shirtless Juliette and a friend (9?) on the beach. Then he shows her photos he has taken earlier.

Tags:  beach,  running
 boys (4), age: from 11 to 12 years old
 boys (2), age: 11 years old
 Anne Clignet, age: 10 years old. Nudity:  full chest
 girl, age: 9 years old. Nudity:  full chest

Time: 0:40:16-0:43:22

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