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Without a Trace (2002) RFF

The episode "Wannabe": Eric Miller (Jake Thomas) strips to his underwear because he thinks a girl wants to make love with him. He lets himself be tied to a pole in the stables, but instead of making love, she calls in other girls and they kick and throw sand towards him.
Season: 2  Episode: 15  Title: "Wannabe"  

Tags:  undressing,  bullying
 girls (3), age: from 11 to 12 years old

Time: 0:28:59-0:30:44
Teen Kanya (1961) RFF

Brief glimpse of young girl's (10) breast.
Episode: 1  Title: "Postmaster"  

Tags:  wardrobe malfunction
 girl, age: 10 years old. Nudity:  partial chest

Time: 0:15:10-0:15:15
Badhuset (1989) RFF

3 girls (Sara Alström, 13 and Maria von Bredow, 10 and Anna von Bredow, 10) and 1 boy (David Blom, 10) sunbathe naked together.

Tags:   sunbathing,  dressing
Time: 0:04:36-0:06:32
Min fynske barndom (1994) RFF

A girl (Laura Christensen, 10) shows her private parts to Carl, nothing is shown.

Tags:  playing doctor
Time: 0:42:38-0:42:49
Alla vi barn i Bullerbyn (1989) RFF

All the Bullerby kids skinny dip together.
Season: 1  Episode: 1  

Tags:   swimming,  undressing
 Anna Sahlin, age: 8 years old. Nudity:  partial rear
 Linda Bergström, age: 8 years old. Nudity:  full rear

Time: 0:08:45-0:09:03
Biryuk (1978) RFF

The father rubs his daughter's back to help her recover, her chest is partially seen. The bare back of Ulita (Yelena Khrol, 10) seen when she gets dressed in the morning.

Tags:  undressing,  awakening,  dressing,  medical procedure
Time: 0:59:33-1:02:44
El cantor (1977) RFF

Many boys and girls of different ages (8-12) showering together in one scene. Nude Ana-Maria Venegas (10) and Roxana Gonzales (10) have to join this company.

Tags:   showering
 boys (9), age: from 7 to 12 years old.  Nudity:  full frontal,  full rear
 girls (5), age: from 8 to 12 years old.  Nudity:  full frontal,  full rear,  full chest

Time: 0:34:51-0:35:49
Proceso a Mariana Pineda (1984) RFF

Full nudity of a girl (Sonia Hohmann, 10) and her brother (Alex Hohmann, 5) in bath scene. After bathing naked Sonia runs to her mother.
Episode: 2  

Tags:   running,   bathing,  undressing
Time: 0:15:20-0:18:26
Entre la tarde y la noche (2000) RFF

Short shower scene with 3 girls (unknown one, Adriana Islas, 9 and Martha Lorena Osuna, 9). Full nudity.

Tags:  periods,  showering
 girl, age: 9 years old. Nudity:  full rear
 girl, age: 10 years old.

Time: 1:08:22-1:08:55
Du sel sur la peau (1984) RFF

Shirtless Juliette (Anne Clignet, 10) swimming in the pool, then drying off in the house.

Tags:  swimming
 Anne Clignet, age: 10 years old. Nudity:  full chest

Time: 0:07:37-0:10:05

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