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Tendres cousines (1980) RFF

Love scene with Thierry Tevini (14) and Anja Schüte. Both are shown nude from the side.

Tags:   making out,   kissing
Time: 1:23:59-1:26:00
P: 8/15
Paperhouse (1988) RFF

Anna (11) and Marc (12) have just been playing. They rolled down the hill forming a human wheel and are now sitting side by side in the grass. She leans in and they kiss.

Tags:   kissing
Time: 1:16:04-1:16:16
P: 0/15
Don Juan DeMarco (1994) RFF

First kisses of Don Juan (10) and girls in love with him who put flowers at his feet.

Tags:   kissing
 girls (2), age: from 9 to 10 years old

Time: 0:22:25-0:22:40
P: 0/15
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) RFF

When E.T. was watching a scene of kiss in TV, Elliott (10) connected with telepathic bond with him kissed a schoolfriend in his class.

Tags:   kissing
 boys (5), age: from 10 to 11 years old
 girls (5), age: from 10 to 11 years old

Time: 0:50:16-0:50:25
P: 0/15
Bridget Jones's Diary (2001) RFF

A girl (about 5) runs and plays wearing only panties. These scenes are found in the closing credits.

Tags:  pool,  running,   kissing,  undressing
 girl, age: 5 years old. Nudity:  full chest
 boy, age: 6 years old.

Time: 1:33:24-1:34:00
P: 2/15
Explorers (1985) RFF

Ben (Ethan Hawke, 13) and Lori (Amanda Peterson, 14) kiss during final flight over clouds.

Tags:   kissing
Time: 1:36:46-1:36:49
P: 0/15
L'été de Mathieu (1999) RFF

Marie (Léa Coquin, 11) and Mathieu (Louis Kreitmann, 11) kissing.

Tags:   kissing
Time: 0:11:39-0:11:42
P: 0/15
Les genoux cagneux (1992) RFF

Mathieu and Marie kissing.

Tags:   kissing
Time: 0:00:45-0:00:47
P: 0/15
Krizis srednego vozrasta (1997) RFF

Lena (14) and Lyosha (14) kissing in love scene.

Tags:   kissing
Time: 1:16:17-1:16:54
Scene is dark
P: 0/15
Paisito (2008) RFF

Young boy Pablo and his friend Pía is taking off their clothes after getting dirty. As they get naked, they looked over each others bodies before Pablo gives Pía a quick kiss. The viewer only gets a quick glimpt of Pablo in underwear, the rest of the scene, the viewer can only see the head.

Tags:   undressing,   kissing
Time: 0:48:58-0:49:51
P: 0/15

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