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 Jake Thomas

Movies: 1
Sensitive scenes: 2

Without a Trace (2002) RFF

2 Boys put another boy's head down a toilet.
Season: 2  Episode: 15  Title: "Wannabe"  

Tags:  bullying
 boys (5), age: from 12 to 14 years old

Time: 0:12:55-0:13:18
Without a Trace (2002) RFF

The episode "Wannabe": Eric Miller (Jake Thomas) strips to his underwear because he thinks a girl wants to make love with him. He lets himself be tied to a pole in the stables, but instead of making love, she calls in other girls and they kick and throw sand towards him.
Season: 2  Episode: 15  Title: "Wannabe"  

Tags:  undressing,  bullying
 girls (3), age: from 11 to 12 years old

Time: 0:28:59-0:30:44

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