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Natalya Gromushkina

Movies: 1
Sensitive scenes as a minor: 1

Do pervoy krovi (1989) 

A girl's (12) chest partially seen in one scene. She's tied by boys, one of them is slowly pulling her skirt up, then other boy pulls her shirt and puts a frog inside.
Sex: 6
Nudity: 2
Violence: 3
Points: 11
Actors and Actresses age nudity
frontal rear chest
boys (3)
from 12 to 13 years old
Andrey Nekrasov
12 years old
Pavel Kulakov
12 years old
Natalya Gromushkina
13 years oldpartial

Time: 0:16:25-0:18:20 (1m 55s)
added: 2009 October, 22 | modified: 2021 October, 15

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