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 Isild Le Besco

Movies: 3
Sensitive scenes as a minor: 7

La puce (1999) RFF

Marion (Isild Le Besco, 16) is in panties in bed, the man caresses her, modestly, she hides her breasts with his arms.

Tags:  making out
Time: 0:22:13-0:25:00
P: 4/15
La puce (1999) RFF

The man kisses Marion (Isild Le Besco, 16) all over the body. He takes off her T-shirt, she is in her underwear. He kisses her. He wants to lower her panties to her, but she resists.

Tags:  forcing
Time: 0:28:00-0:28:46
P: 2/15
La puce (1999) RFF

Marion (Isild Le Besco, 16) is always modest. The man forces her to make love with her. The completely naked man walks around the bed, she looks at him.

Tags:  making out,  forcing
Time: 0:32:57-0:36:03
P: 8/15
La puce (1999) RFF

Marion (Isild Le Besco, 16) sits naked on the bed. Then she in the bathroom, we see a breast in the mirror. She comes back on the bed and looks at the bloodstain of her deflowering. She does stretching.

Tags:  self examination,  exercise
Time: 0:36:12-0:37:05
P: 3/15
Sade (2000) RFF

Emilie de Lancris (Isild Le Besco, 16) is seen lying on the floor with her shirt opened, fully nude. At the point of where a man is seen inserting his finger into her vagina, the girl is clearly replaced by a double.

Tags:  undressing,  sex
Time: 1:18:19-1:20:34
P: 9/15
Les filles ne savent pas nager (2000) RFF

Gwen (Isild Le Besco, 16) nude from back when she gets in shower.

Tags:  undressing
Time: 0:03:05-0:03:18
P: 3/15
Les filles ne savent pas nager (2000) RFF

Gwen (Isild Le Besco, 16) topless on the beach.

Tags:  swimming,  running,  beach,  undressing
 Isild Le Besco, age: 16 years old. Nudity:  full chest

Time: 1:14:20-1:15:00
P: 2/15

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