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Naakt (2006)


Sensitive scenes
7 minutes

Full nudity of Sem Roeters (6) in sauna.

Tags:  showering,  walking,  sauna
Time: 0:01:18-0:03:38

Behind the scenes

Scene One:
Mother: Darling, are you coming?
Boy: I will come soon.
Girl: Where are you going?
Boy: I am going to a sauna
Girl: What is that?
Boy: Where everyone must be nude.
Girl: Will you be nude too?
Boy: Er, well, I don't really know.
Girl giggles.

Boy: Must I be nude too?
Mother: Everyone is nude, here. It's normal here.
Woman: Yeah.

Conversation between men cannot be understood.

Woman: Hi
Boy: Hi
Receptionist: Thank you, Good bye

Mother: Did you like it?
Boy: Yes.
Mother: Well, do you think all those nude people are funny?
Boy: Yes
Mother: Or do you think you will join me again some time?
Boy nods yes
Mother: Good night, dear
Boy: Sleep well.

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