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Charlotte for Ever (1986)


Sensitive scenes
94 minutes

Charlotte Gainsbourg (15) seen topless in front of a mirror.

Tags:  undressing
Time: 0:25:20-0:26:20
Charlotte's dress is wet, her breasts seen through it. She later watches herself in the mirror while dancing topless.

Tags:  dressing,  self examination,  transparent clothing,  dancing
Time: 0:45:12-0:48:21
Charlotte Gainsbourg seen topless in bed.

Time: 1:12:30-1:13:31

Behind the scenes

Charlotte Gainsbourg does not keep a good memory of the shooting of the film Charlotte For Ever. In 1986, the French discovered this film directed by Serge Gainsbourg and in which he plays alongside his daughter Charlotte, aged at the time of 15 years. In the columns of the M, the Monde magazine, Charlotte Gainsbourg evoked her sometimes painful memories of this shoot. Highly involved, her father had pushed her boundaries despite her young age. "It made me go too far, do things that bothered me, it was difficult, I was doing my head on newspaper covers, I did not want to make any effort, it was my way of preserving myself" she recalls.

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