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My Queen Karo (2009)


The girl (Anna Franziska Jaeger, 12) is bathed by a woman in the kitchen near the beginning of the movie. A quick frontal nudity and topless.

Tags:  undressing,  bathing
Time: 0:05:04-0:05:49
There is a swimming scene in an ocean around the middle of the movie including three kids, 2 girls and one boy (Samuel du Chatinier, 12) fully naked. Frontal and rear nudity of all three is shown.

Tags:   swimming,   naturism
Time: 0:46:21-0:47:21
Shortly after, one of the boys is laying in a bed with the girl, both topless. The boy is touching the girls breast as they cuddle together.

Time: 0:47:31-0:48:02
One more scene with swimming kids.

Tags:   naturism,   bathing
Time: 0:48:02-0:49:26
View is distant
Man and woman lying nude on a sofa, children join them for playing.

Tags:  undressing,  dressing
Time: 0:53:15-0:53:46
Children brushing teeth before going to bed, Karo seen topless. Karo and the boy shown sleeping together in a tent. They wear panties only.

Tags:  awakening,  dressing,   washing
Time: 1:21:23-1:23:44

Behind the scenes

How did you come to find such a perfect actress (Anna Franziska Jaeger) to play Karo, who really is the centre of the film?
Dorothée Van Den Berghe : It's a long story! I saw her in a shop and I knew it was her, she was exactly what I wanted. I really followed this girl, and (kept tabs on her). The film took two years to put together, and by that time, she was too old for the part as I had written. She had breasts already, and the part I had written was definitely for a child who was younger than that. So.. I held auditions and auditions, but I never found that quality, what I found in her. I rewrote the script, then, and we had to rethink how to shoot the nudity, for example, because of her breasts. But I think it puts the film into a better perspective, a child that age.

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