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La bouche de Jean-Pierre (1996)


Sensitive scenes
52 minutes

A man walks in on Mimi (Sandra Sammartino, 11) in the shower, seen naked down to the waist.

Tags:  showering
Time: 0:19:59-0:20:10
Later on we have a scene shortly after the shower incident where the man attempts to grope the girl's chest & persuade her to kiss him, without succeeding.

Tags:  harassment
Time: 0:33:00-0:36:23

Behind the scenes

- In La Bouche de Jean-Pierre, there are certain rather "complex" sequences to shoot, whether for adults or for you. I am thinking more particularly of the touching of the famous Jean-Pierre. How did you approach them?
-Regarding the famous scene of the living room I am sure with hindsight that this scene was harder for Michel than for me! He was filming with his adult spirit and he must have dreaded this scene ... I had no text to learn, nor any particular gestures to adopt, I was quite free. Ten minutes before I still didn't know what the next scene was going to be, I didn't have to prepare for a particularly difficult scene and it was explained to me like a child! A bit like a game ... No one has ever spoken to me brutally saying "this is a touching scene, you are facing a pedophile, it will be hard"! That's why I had no apprehension, some embarrassment to be sure, but (I repeat) for me it was all just a game !!
(Interview with Sandra Sammartino at

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