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Biologie (1990) RFF

At night, Ulla and Winfried were sitting out in the open, they kissed and undressed each other (not shown on camera). The camera tilted down to show each of their naked body.

Tags:   undressing,   kissing
Time: 0:51:00-0:54:02
P: 4/15
À Deriva (2009) RFF

Filipa and Artur kiss again.

Tags:   kissing
 boy, age: 17 years old.

Time: 0:39:23-0:39:44
P: 0/15
À Deriva (2009) RFF

Filipa and Artur kiss.

Tags:   kissing
 boy, age: 17 years old.

Time: 0:12:31-0:12:41
P: 0/15
Paul et Virginie (1974) RFF

Virginie (Veronique Jannot, 16) takes off her shawl in the rain, her wet white dress becomes transparent, her breasts are visible under the wet fabric. She then dances with Paul(Pierre-François Pistorio, 16) on a bridge.
Episode: 4  

Tags:   kissing,  transparent clothing,   dancing,   walking
Time: 0:17:58-0:20:35
P: 2/15
Far from Home (1989) RFF

Joleen kisses Pinky.

Tags:   kissing
Time: 1:12:57-1:13:01
P: 0/15
Besos de Azúcar (2013) RFF

Nacho kisses Mayra and attempts to touch her breast in the same time.

Tags:   kissing,  harassment
Time: 0:50:40-0:50:42
P: 3/15
Måske ku' vi (1976) RFF

Marianne stands topless, covering her breasts with her arms. When catching a towel from Kim, she briefly reveals her breasts. She reveals them again when replacing the towel with a blanket. After a while they start making out, Marianne showing the side of her breast.

Tags:   making out,   kissing
Time: 1:05:00-1:09:29
P: 6/15
Sweet Home Alabama (2002) RFF

Young Jake and Melanie kiss for the first time.

Tags:   kissing
Time: 0:01:29-0:01:42
P: 0/15
G (1983) RFF

Mia and Kim have sex.

Tags:   making out,   kissing,  undressing,   sex
Time: 1:26:00-1:27:53
P: 7/15
G (1983) RFF

Mia and Kim strip and run to pool where the swim naked and kiss under water. They leave the pool and run away, still naked.

Tags:   pool,   running,  petting,   swimming,   kissing,   undressing
Time: 1:24:08-1:25:20
P: 8/15

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