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Tag "fountain"

New scene tag fountain added.


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2 Shao gong guo ji shi (2014) RFF
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8 Ma belle gosse (2012) RFF
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10 Femmine insaziabili (1969) RFF

Updated scenes
Don Juan ou Si Don Juan était une femme... (1973) RFF

Ann Zacharias (16) seen topless when she is knocked down and her clothes are ripped off.

Tags:  wardrobe malfunction
 Ann Zacharias, age: 16 years old. Nudity:  full chest

Time: 0:37:22-0:37:52
Edges of the Lord (2001) RFF

A girl Maria is raped by a boy Robal. We see him lift up her dress and remove his belt but beyond that, nothing is shown until after the rape is over.

Tags:  abuse
 boy, age: 12 years old.
 Liam Hess, age: 8 years old.

Time: 1:11:06-1:11:43
Edges of the Lord (2001) RFF

Tolo (Liam Hess, 8) running naked under the rain.

Tags:  running,  dressing
Time: 0:42:47-0:43:43
Scene is dark
To the Devil a Daughter (1976) RFF

Catherine Beddows (Natasha Kinski, 15) is lying on a flat stone wearing a shirt. A little devil approaches between her legs, giving her pleasure.

Tags:  petting
Time: 1:24:50-1:26:22
To the Devil a Daughter (1976) RFF

Full frontal nude scene with Nastassja Kinski (15) at the movie's end. She takes off her shirt and walks in frontal nudity towards the man.

Tags:  undressing,  walking
Time: 1:29:07-1:29:17
Falsche Bewegung (1975) RFF

Nastassja Kinski (13?) topless in bed with boyfriend.

Tags:  making out
Time: 0:55:17-0:56:57
Bei zhu baba shangxue qu (1998) RFF

Shiwa's bottom seen during spanking.

Tags:  punishment
 Rui Yu, age: 9 years old. Nudity:  full rear close up

Time: 0:15:41-0:16:16
Shao gong guo ji shi (2014) RFF

7 boys swimming together.
Season: 1  Episode: 25  Date: 2014  September, 4  

Tags:  swimming
 boys (6), age: from 10 to 12 years old
 boy, age: 11 years old. Nudity:  full rear

Time: 0:39:48-0:39:52
La femme enfant (1980) RFF

The scene where Pénélope Palmer (12) climbs into the bath, while Marcel (Klaus Kinski) is in the same room. She is in a tank top, the man lovingly takes off her stockings. He prepares a bath for her. View of her buttocks, part of her chest and a brief view of the whole chest.

Tags:  bathing,  undressing
Time: 0:35:38-0:40:00
Die Liebesbriefe einer portugiesischen Nonne (1977) RFF

Long frontal nudity scene. Maria is lying naked with shackles and chains on her wrists and ankles. She undergoes torture to make her confess and have her sign a paper.

Tags:  abuse
Time: 1:16:08-1:18:47

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