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Räuberhände (2021) RFF

Janik (Emil von Schönfels, 17) makes out with his girlfriend on the bed. Full rear nudity as he climbs on her to have sex, then brief frontal as he jumps off when they are disturbed.

Tags:  undressing,  making out
Time: 0:00:46-0:01:57
Svartere enn natten (1979) RFF

Terje (Gaute Kraft Grimsrud, 15) is seen fully naked from the side as he makes out with his girlfriend as they both kneel on a bed.

Tags:  making out,  kissing
Time: 1:06:50-1:07:34
Scene is dark
Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma (1975) RFF

Sergio (Sergio Fascetti, 16) and Renata are stripped naked and touched by the dignitaries. They are then forced to have sex in front of them. They sit next to each other and nervously begin caressing then kissing each other. Just as Sergio is climbing on top of Renata they are ordered to stop. The Duke grabs Renata and the President grabs Sergio, who has become aroused. The adults roll the victims off each other and masturbate them and perform oral sex on them (neither shown).

Tags:  making out,  abuse,  kissing,  forcing,  undressing
Time: 0:44:52-0:47:23
Sicario (1994) RFF

Jairo (Laureano Olivares, 15) has sex in a brothel. The HD version crops out some frontal nudity.

Tags:  making out,  sex
Time: 0:54:13-0:55:29
Herzklopfen (1985) RFF

After an argument David fills Susanne’s home with flowers. It works. They end up in the bath then in bed together.

Tags:  making out,  bathing,  kissing,  undressing
Time: 0:30:16-0:32:28
Information is not verified
Herzklopfen (1985) RFF

In a musical montage of very short scenes, David and Susanne passionately kiss and cuddle each other while clothed and naked. In some of the scenes, the pair intimately caress each other’s naked bodies, and David performs oral sex on Susanne. It finished with them having sex.

Tags:  making out,  changing,  petting,  kissing,  undressing,  sex,  dancing
Time: 0:17:00-0:21:05
Information is not verified
Herzklopfen (1985) RFF

Now in bed, the couple kiss and begin to make love under the covers.

Tags:  sex,  making out
Time: 0:13:44-0:14:46
Information is not verified
Collections privées (1979) RFF

The boy ignores his mother’s warnings and goes to the nymphomaniac’s house. She welcomes him in but quickly pounces on him and takes her clothes off. He tries to escape but she grabs him and strips him naked. They make out. Eventually he comes to his senses, throws her off and runs away. Carrying his clothes but still naked, he runs through fields and over sand dunes to the sea.

Tags:  seduction,  undressing,  making out,  running
Time: 0:39:20-0:43:18
Roméo et Juliette (2006) RFF

Juliette seen topless in a love scene.

Tags:   sex,  undressing,  kissing,   making out
Time: 0:57:19-1:01:53
Rivals (1972) RFF

Jamie and Mary undress. Woman encourage Jamie to make out with her but boy says he can't.

Tags:  undressing,  making out,  seduction
Time: 1:11:24-1:16:07

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