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Number of results: 97

Je déteste les enfants des autres (2007) RFF

Marie-Elisabeth Bronn (8) seen shirtless when changing.

Tags:  changing
 girls (2), age: 8 years old

Time: 0:19:59-0:20:11
P: 2/15
Lucie a zazraky (1970) RFF

Bath scene with children (aged 5-6) in kindergarten.

Tags:  defecation,   changing,   showering,  undressing
 boys (2), age: from 5 to 6 years old.  Nudity:  partial rear
 boys (5), age: from 4 to 6 years old.  Nudity:  full frontal,  full rear
 girls (5), age: from 4 to 6 years old.  Nudity:  full frontal,  full rear,  full chest

Time: 0:19:41-0:20:23
P: 4/15
Jak se tocí Rozmaryny (1978) RFF

Rozmarýna (Pavlína Mourková, 11) briefly seen topless when changing.

Tags:  changing
 girls (4), age: 11 years old

Time: 1:03:03-1:03:25
P: 2/15
Femmes (1983) RFF

Eva Cobo (15) takes off her nightdress and stands naked before pulling a flimsy dress.

Tags:  changing
Time: 0:27:59-0:28:34
P: 4/15
Le mouton noir (1979) RFF

Hélène Rolles (12) seen topless in changing scene.

Tags:  changing
Time: 0:11:18-0:11:26
P: 2/15
À nos amours (1983) RFF

Suzanne (Sandrine Bonnaire, 16) is seen topless when changing for sleep.

Tags:  changing
Time: 0:17:49-0:17:58
P: 2/15
Vnimanie, cherepakha! (1970) RFF

Vova must exchange clothes with Tanya (Galina Budanova, 7). Girl seen shirtless.

Tags:   changing
 girls (2), age: 7 years old
 Galina Budanova, age: 7 years old. Nudity:  full chest

Time: 1:04:30-1:05:29
P: 2/15
Primite telegrammu v dolg (1979) RFF

When Sasha (Yana Poplavskaya, 12) changing, her breast is partially seen.

Tags:  changing
Time: 0:51:25-0:51:36
P: 2/15
La discesa di Aclà a Floristella (1992) RFF

A little girl (4) seen nude near the beginning.

Tags:  changing
 girl, age: 4 years old. Nudity:  full frontal,  full chest

Time: 0:01:48-0:02:48
P: 4/15
Peppi Dlinnyychulok (1984) RFF

The 2nd episode: Svetlana Polyakova (12) seen topless in changing scene.
Episode: 2  

Tags:  changing
Time: 0:20:55-0:21:06
P: 2/15

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